Electric blue water of Corfu, where are you?

My tan line is nearly gone, sigh... It's been over a month since we left the magnificent Mediterranean. Well, as a toast, I'm going to share with you one of the best highlights of the trip.


Like two years ago in Galicia Spain, our diving trip to Corfu was better than expected. However, it took a bit of ground work to get things started. 

While we were in Athens, we made a quick pitstop to a diving shop to get our gear on before Corfu. wet suits, weights, belts, goggles and snorkels, tough life, right? :P

Unfortunately, the marine life was quite scarce and we found very little. We believe Corfu is overfished during the summer, but in the wintertime, it could be different. Also, the boat traffic is horrendous due to the spike in tourism. The fish probably hate the noise also. When you dive deep the sound waves bounce off the ground causing a loud, unbearable screeching.

However, for the things we did find, Marcio discovered a baby octopus in Corfu town and some unusual mushroom-like algae near mirtiossa beach (the nude beach). For me, diving was just a matter of practicing my breath and doing some light exploration. We got lucky near a secluded beach only accessible by boat where we found some silvery blue fish.


In fact, the highlight of the trip was renting our OWN BOAT!! We couldn't believe how relaxed the island was, given the fact that ANYBODY, without a boat license could rent one without supervision? Ha! So can you imagine seeing stupid, drunk, or just careless tourists recking it up? Well, at first, I admit I was quite nervous, in general, for not having any experience. But we booked it one day in advance at the Akron beach and had a professional train us on how to use the boat before we departed. It was about 70 euros with deposit and gas included for 6 hours, which is reasonable, like 11 euros per hour. Yah, it was definitely worth it. 

In any case, we would love to share our video of inspirations with you.


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