My motto:

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You might be thinking why is my slogan, "Are you a traveler or an explorer?"

Aren't they the same thing?

Well, to me they're not. A traveler gets to point A to B, whereas an explorer dives deeper. Yes, of course travel(ing) can be interchangeable with explor(ing) in a verb sense, but as a noun, they're distinctively different.

To me an explorer is someone who takes on uncharted and unfamiliar territories or places and embraces new ways of thinking. Exploration can even stem to other forms of discipline from space exploration, research, anthropology, etc. Too many times I've seen travelers puff out their chests shouting, "I've traveled to 200 countries!"
While this maybe an accomplishment to a degree, I think they're overlooking the fact that quantity doesn't always win over quality. 

There's nothing more commendable then to follow people who immerse themselves into their subject, a place, a culture, or a sojourn in time with a goal to deepen their learning. 

"I think the best life is the one through exploration. Exploration brings learning, evolution and growth of the psyche. Gives me a natural rush"

Here's a recap on my journey

I moved to Germany in 2013 to work for an internet company. Plans to stay with the company didn't work out. So going with the flow, I rode the wave. I've had one hell of an adventure hopping from Germany, Greece, Portugal, Denmark, and back to my parents in the US. My leather journal is finally complete with over 200 pages of content that I've been waiting so eagerly to share. I am also writing my journey in a narrative autobiography from age 23-24 when I first came to Germany up until I moved to Amsterdam in 2015 where I currently reside.

Purpose of my blog

Let me share with you tips on how to settle as an expat (long-term, for more than 3 months). And the snippets of people, culture, and history I encounter along the way. And a few vacation posts too ;)

A toast to the journey ahead!

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